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  • Switch
  • Socket
  • Relay & Sensor
    Relay & Sensor
  • Transformer & Connector
    Transformer & Connector
  • Encoder & Potentiometers
    Encoder & Potentiometers
  •  silicone button tact switch
    Tact mini push button switch 4pin switch smd momentary tactile
  • Tact Switch ip67
    12x12 waterproof Tact Switch
  • Black push buttom switch
    Latching self locking push button switch
  • 7.4x7.4 tact switch
    Five Direction SMT Switch
  • smt slide switch
    smd 2p2t 6 pin slide switch
  • 25t125 5e4 micro switch
    10A micro switch push button
  • Waterproof button tact switch IP67
    Waterproof micro tact switch IP67 jaycar push button switch 12v
  • 16 position dip switch
    dip switch 6 pin
  • Right angle micro switch G10 series
    Right angled dip micro switch
  • DC12V 0.5A dc socket
    audio 12v dc socket
  • jack socket
    2 pins waterproof female dc power jack socket 30V 3A
  • Socket
    4 pin 3.5 jack black socket
  • DC jack
    5 Poles audio jack normal plated Jack
  • jack
    power electrical jack socket
  • jack
    DC jack switch socket
  • jack
    audio earphone jack
  • jack
    power jack socket
  • Black high contact relay
    Small size 4pin 16A relay
  • auto relay
    125℃ of operating ambient temperature relay
  • SPST and SPDT contact form relay
    50A of switching capability relay
  • 6pin relay
    High contact capacity 40a relay
  • 6pin relay
    High contact capacity 40a relay
  • Miniature relay
    12v relay for ups application
  • electrictronics relay
    car auto 12v relay
  • auto relay
    Compact microminiature general purpose automotive relay
  • Back-flip type fpc connector
    FPC cable 0.3mm right angle connector
  • 10 position fpc/ffc connector
    Back flip flex printed circuit connector
  • right angle fpc connector
    dual contact 20 pin fpc connector
  • Right Angle FPC Connector
    FPC 0.5 Pitch 1.5H Connector
  • 0.5 pitch fpc connector
    fpc 10 pin straight connector
  • Low Frequency Transformer
    Vertical Low Frequency Transformer
  • Low Frequency Transformer
    Vertical Plug-in Low Frequency Transformer
  • high frequency transformer design
    Vertical Plug-in high frequency transformer
  • rotary switch
    Standard E11 16 detents 360 rotary switch stainless steel housing encoder
  • miniature rotary encoder
    incremental encoder for consumer electronics
  • incremental rotary encoder
    11mm low-profile rotary encoder
  • Incremental type encoder
    16mm rotary encoder
  • 6 pin Potentiometer
    Linear B50K Rotary Potentiometer
  • rotary encoder for motor
    5 pin rotary incremental encoder
  • Push encoder switch
    12mm rotary encoder with switch
  • 15mm shaft length 3pin encoder
    Horizontal mount 24 detents encoder
  • 12x12mm dip type encoder
    Rotary digital encoder
Our advantage #

Gangyuan Electronics aims to be the top one brand electronics supplier with complete MS process and qualified workers; certified factory and equipment. We gradually grows up based on full equipment of professional factory audits and process system, as well as unit groups.

Mini SMD Tactile Switch
Ultraminiature Low Profile SMD SMT Tactile Switch

SMD Tactile switch series, Low profile, size of 3*3mm, 6*3mm, 5*5mm etc for options, widely used in consumer electronics, medical equipment, smart electornics etc

KAN0441F Waterproof
6x3.8mm 2 Pin SMD Surface Mount Waterproof Tact Switch

KAN0441F: SMD, 2 Pins, waterproof tactile Switch.

Waterproof tact switch
KAN0656 Waterproof DC12V 50mA With 2 Pin Tact Switch

KAN0656: DC 12v 50mA, smd, water resistance type tact switch.

Digital Camera Tactile Switch
2018 hot sale 4*3mm momentary tact switch SMD switch for digital products

3*4*1.8mm tactile switch offers excellent dust- and waterproof properties (Equivalent to IP67) Long Life cycles,anti Soldering flux,we have 2mm and 2.5mm height for choose.

3×6 Tactile Switch
IP67 Silicone knob tactile switch SMD type

3×6 SMD Rubber actuator tactile switch meet IP67 waterproof level.Salt mist 48h.operation force 100,000 cycles

Surface Mount Tactile Switch
5.1x5.1x1.5 tactile switch SMD type

Product item KAN0542 TACT SWICH offers black and white color,plastic and metal stem is available.

Surface Mount Tactile Switch
Mini-tactile push button switch surface mount

KAN0642F is waterproof type tactile switch,IP67 rated,widely used in household appliance.

5-way tactile switch
Five direction tact switch 0.5a 12V

This 5 Way/direction SMD tactile switch simulates joystick movement. It has six  solder pads underneath, and extends to the side.

J bend Tactile Switch
Ultra-thin 4.8*4.8mm SMT Tactile Switch

KAN0542 membrane tactile switch use for laptops reset&power buttons and volume control button.

DIP Tactile Switch
6 x 6x10mm Square actuator tactile push button switch

6.0mm square stem in red color,which is easy to use and available in wide varieties.

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Wenzhou Gangyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Gangyuan Electronics was founded in 1994, focusing on Tact Switches and other electronic switch ,sockets, transformers, relays series of product development, production and sales. Our Products are mainly used in household appliances, 3C (computer, communications, consumer electronics), office equipment, medical, security, personal care, automotive electronics, industrial control and other fields. Headquartered of Gangyuan based in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, three manufacturing plants located in Yueqing, Zhejiang, Hubei Guangshui, Shenzhen, Guangdong. Has an independent research and development centers in Shenzhen. And Shenzhen,Hefei, Hong Kong, Singapore sales subsidiaries. in the domestic Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Huizhou and overseas South Korea, Brazil, with sales offices, more than 800 employees worldwide. The company was rated as "AAA" enterprise and "golden client" by Zhejiang Branch of China Construction Bank and Zhejiang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China respectively. We focus on scientific management, adhere to the continuous innovation for customers continue to create value, focus on industry products, technological innovation and efficient manufacturing, automation to achieve more than 85 percent of manufacturing coverage. Companies in the precision of small plastic hardware components have a breakthrough technological advantages, to adapt to electronic products "fast, precison" technology trends, the switch products in the application of the problem-solving capacity, the company "rapid response + full Quality "capacity of the comprehensive embodiment. We work closely with many industry benchmarking customers to understand customer needs as early as possible, with customers to quickly achieve product development and production shipments to meet the electronics industry needs to quickly update the iteration. Gangyuan Electronics has now passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification and OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, TS16949 quality system certification. We are engaged in the production and business activities in the prevention and control of pollution, waste reduction, the provision of environmental protection (ROHS) standards of green products, and selected China and the world famous products, access to "China's electronics industry quality management, quality reliable products" Title, part of the security products with the United States UL, Germany TUV, Canada CSA, the European VDE, and other international certification.

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    Automation coverage


Quality management policy: quality first, continuous improvement; abide by the contract, customer satisfaction.

# About Gangyuan
  • Technological Expert Technological Expert

    R&D center and excellent engineering team; Professional equipment and certified system audits;

  • Brand Quality Brand Quality

    100 thousand grade dust-free workshop; Independent QC system and production prcocess

  • Complete Product Variety Complete Product Variety

    More than 2000 switch categories and 3 plants with different process line; Continuous exploration and development on new products OEM/ODM and customerization

  • Considerate Sales Service Considerate Sales Service

    Top one sales team and after-work stuffs answer in 24 hours; More than 26 years producing and sales expreience; Multiple sales office distribution in Chinese mainland, Taiwan, HK, Singapore and South Korea, etc.

Cooperative Company #

Gangyuan get many brand support from different fields, such as consumer electronics ,Samsung, LG, Canon, Huawei etc. ; Household appliance like Midea, Panasonic, OEM industry HDK; Components supplier like OMRON, ALPS etc. We developed business in automobile industry in 2015, cooperated with SOUTH EAST, NISSAN etc.

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latest news #
Gangyuan company Notice about Chinese New Year holiday 2024 Gangyuan company Notice about Chinese New Year holiday 2024
Gangyuan company Notice about Chinese New Year holiday 2024

Dear all our friends, customers and partners, Much appreciated to all your support and help to Gangyuan eletronics company in past years. We are glad to work with you and believe we both grown up much together in past time. Thank you. Our company's consistent goal is to improve the quality and service of switch production. For another newly work experience with you in the year 2024, all stuffs, will be off and factory get closed for our traditional new year holiday, since 4th Feb. until 16th Feb., 2024, of Wenzhou Gangyuan Electronics Co., LTD, Hubei Gangyuan Electric Co., LTD, Shenzhen Gangyuan Industrial Development Co., LTD. We will resume work at 17th Feb.,2024. All inconveniences will happen during our holiday, we do hope your kind understanding and thank you. We wish you all good fortune and health in the year 2024. If any matters should be solved or answered before our holiday, pls keep us noted in time and we will try to make it for you asap. Finally, take all our good luck and new years happiness to you all.  See you soon.

Jan 18, 2024
Gangyuan National holiday Notice 2023 Gangyuan National holiday Notice 2023
Gangyuan National holiday Notice 2023

Gangyuan Group Notice on the National Hollidays Off date : 29th Sep.~6th Oct., 2023 Back date:  7th Oct.,2023 Annual tradtional festival: Mid-autumn Day meet our National Day, that's so excited for each of Chinese. Gangyuan group and all her stuffs will leave for this holiday. All departments ( 10 000 grade dust free workshop, tactile micro switch work shop, push button and DC workshop, etc.) will closed tomorrow (UTC/GMT+8). We celebrate the great moment with our relatives and our friends from all walks of the world. Wish you all health and wealth during this period and following each day. We will get refreshed during the holiday and meet you with our better service in tact switch, push button switch series supply one week later. Let's expect it. Thank you for all.

Sep 28, 2023
Gangyuan stuff Autumn sports meeting in October Gangyuan stuff Autumn sports meeting in October
Gangyuan stuff Autumn sports meeting in October

Gangyuan stuffs take part in the Sports Meeting in Oct. 20, 2022. Sports Address: No.2, 1st. Yonghe Rd., Chengdong Industrial District,Yueqing, 325608, China Theme: Stronger, Faster, Higher Purpose: Health cover every boday and every customer relationship Method. Unify, team work, steady and strength Conclusion: we fight for quality switch, quality service and quality promise to our customer. The  longer we steps, the stronger Gangyuan switch promise keep.

Oct 28, 2022
Gangyuan Company and Panasonic Group Suzhou Company launched in-depth cooperation Gangyuan Company and Panasonic Group Suzhou Company launched in-depth cooperation
Gangyuan Company and Panasonic Group Suzhou Company launched in-depth cooperation

On June 15, 2022, Kazuhiko Hayashi, Managing Director of Panasonic Group Suzhou Company, personally led a group of five people from the R&D and purchasing departments to visit Gangyuan Wenzhou Company. During the meeting, both parties introduced the company's situation and the implementation plan of project cooperation. Minister Guo, the head of the R&D department, introduced the key technologies and R&D capabilities of Gangyuan in this field to the head of Panasonic, and received the approval from the Japanese side of Panasonic. The approval of the technical director. Finally, the two parties reached a consensus on the technical framework and promotion plan of the project. It has laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project. After the meeting, Jason Sheng, general manager of Gangyuan Company, and Fu Kaijun, deputy general manager of Gangyuan Company, accompanied the guests of Panasonic Company to visit the site of the manufacturing plant, and the two sides took a group photo together. Kazuhiko Hayashi, General Manager of Panasonic Group Suzhou Company (fourth from right) Jason Sheng, General Manager of Gangyuan Company (fifth from right)

Jun 28, 2022
May Day Holiday Notice May Day Holiday Notice
May Day Holiday Notice

Dear Customer: According to the Regulation of National and the company production schedule, the 2022 May day holiday will happen as: The holiday for Labor Day will be 4 days from May1 to May 4, and back to work on May 5(Thursday). If you have any needs during the period, you can leave a message at any time, we will reply as soon as possible after the holiday Have a nice Labor day! The origin of May Day International Labor Day, also known as International Workers' Day or May Day, is a national holiday in more than 80 countries around the world. Set on May 1st of each year. It is a festival shared by working people all over the world. In July 1889, the Second International, led by Engels, held a congress in Paris. The meeting passed a resolution stipulating that the international laborers would hold a parade on May 1, 1890, and decided to designate May 1 as International Labor Day. The Government Affairs Council of the Central People's Government made a decision in December 1949 to determine May 1 as Labor Day. This section originated from the workers' strike in Chicago, USA. On May 1, 1886, more than 200,000 workers in Chicago held a general strike for the implementation of the eight-hour workday. After a hard and bloody struggle, they finally won. Chinese May Day Customs Every year on this day, the whole country celebrates. People put on festive costumes, gathered happily in parks, theaters, squares, participated in various celebration gatherings or cultural and recreational activities, and commended laborers who have made outstanding contributions. After 1989, the State Council has basically commended national model workers and advanced workers every five years, with about 3,000 people being awarded each time.

Apr 29, 2022

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