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  • 汽车类开关简介
    • October 19. 2021

    Lately, most customer request the switch applies for autombile. As we known, Eco-development has been a human topic. All products service for people to meet such standard or recognization. Gangyuan Electronics expert on tact switch,tiny switch ,push switch since the year 1996. We served many top brand customers, such as NISSAN, GAG GROUP, SOUTHEAST etc. and vitness their grown.  Here let's sh...

  • What should you pay attention to when using the tact switch
    • September 24. 2021

    Article introduction Tact switches are frequently used in daily life and work, because the specifications of tact switches are diverse and the applications are also different. If you do not understand the basic knowledge of the touch switch, it is easy to cause the switch to malfunction during use, and it will cause the entire device circuit to fail to work normally. In response to this situation,...

  • How are micro switches classified
    • August 31. 2021

    1. Classification from appearance: ① Brake plunger type: There is a column at the top of the micro switch, and the device presses the column from the top to turn on the switch. ② Sliding straight wheel type: There is a column on the top of the micro switch, and a roller on the column. The device presses the roller from the top to turn on the switch. ③ Pendulum bar with roller: A pendulum bar with ...

  • Which products are the 6*6 tact switches mainly used for
    • July 26. 2021

    The 6*6 tact switch is currently the most commonly used tact switch on the market and has a wide range of applications. ● Medical equipment: thermometers, sphygmomanometers, hospital call systems and other medical equipment. ● Computer peripherals: computer products such as voice recorders and cameras. ● Communication equipment: building equipment, mobile phones, telephones, car phones, home landl...

  • 6.2x6.2 Silicone Tact Switch Features
    • July 15. 2021

    SMD 4 pin Silica gel button tact switch 6.2x6.2 Silicone SMD  Type 1 Height choose: 3.1H/3.5H/3.8H/4.3H/4.5H/5H Type 2  Height choose: 3.1H/3.4H/4.3H/4.5H/5.1H Advantages of silicone material products:  1.Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, in line with EU requirements 2.Waterproof, dustproof, oil proof, acid and alkali proof, corrosion resistant 3. Full o...

  • What is a detector switch
    • July 06. 2021

    Detector switch is also called limit switch, travel switch, detection switch and other names; it is a switch that senses circuit signals by pressing the physical action of the handle. The detector switch has the characteristics of light force, high sensitivity, small size and long life. It has a small contact interval and a snap-action mechanism, a contact structure that uses a specified stroke an...

  • Tact Switch Application ( Medical and automotive )
    • June 23. 2021

    What are tactile switches good for ? Tactile switches are a type of switch that focus on producing a tactile bump and a relatively quiet audible click with each keystroke. Tactile switches offer great feedback when typing, so you know by the sound and feel everything is working properly and all of your keystrokes are getting logged. Here will focus on the ap...

  • How to choose a micro switch
    • April 06. 2021

    The micro switch was born in the 1930s. Since its birth, it has continuously developed and innovated to meet the needs of different applications. Due to its small spacing and large torque, micro switches are used in household appliances, medical equipment, aerospace, etc. It is usually used to detect temperature, position and liquid level. There are usually three specifications: basic type, type w...

  • How to check the waterproof tact switch
    • April 06. 2021

    The waterproof tact switch is a switch that will not fail even if it is immersed in water, that is to say, the waterproof tact switch can completely protect the dust in the air. Different waterproof tact switches have different waterproof grades. Of course, they must have good waterproof performance. The higher the grade, the better the waterproof performance. The company can choose different grad...

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