• New factory and office Building
    New factory and office Building
    • September 13, 2021

    In last weekend, September 12, 2021 Gangyuan opens a brand new work place in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. That's an important activity for all our stuffs and customers. We all took part in this great moment and celebrate for Gangyuan's another development. In the new workshop, we will focus on R&D for new tact switch and automobile related switches for all our customers. With new workshop openning, let's witness Gangyuan Electronics make top-level switches for everyone and provide better services.

    • September 02, 2021

    The MS15A Series micro switches are the perfect solution for your automotive needs. Beginning of 2021-a manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience Gangyuan has developed a new car micro switch, MS15A-A (applicable to Car Electronic handbrake ) The MS15A-A IP67 waterproof micro switch is a dual-circuit detection switch. Compared with the traditional switch, it adds a disconnected normally-on function detection circuit. It can be used in a functional feedback system to ensure the safety and stability of the entire system. Waterproof and dustproof can reach IP67 standard, except for terminals. Surface mount sliding contact micro switch product advantages have high reliability, electrical life of up to 100,000 times; and large stroke, the maximum switch stroke can reach 2.6mm; waterproof and dustproof can reach the IP67 standard; the switch instantaneous function switching is completed within 20ms. High reliability, so as to ensure the safety and stability of the customer system. The switches measure 15.4×7.4×7.5mm. Maximum rating is 50mA,18V DC  and contact resistance is 75mO maximum and 200mO maximum after lifetime. Operating load is 300,000 cycles (50mA 18V DC).

  • The tactile switch can also be self-locking
    The tactile switch can also be self-locking
    • December 22, 2020

    Working principle of self-locking tact switch The self-locking tact switch is a kind of passive components and cannot be used alone. It can only be used with active components to form a set of control system, and its function can be brought into full play. The working principle of the normally open tact switch: press the switch button to turn on the switch when it is working, and the switch is off when the button is released, and its internal structure is realized by the force of the metal shrapnel. The principle of normally closed tact switch: Press the switch button to turn off the switch while working, and the switch is turned on when you release your hand. How does the self-locking tact switch work? (1) When the power is turned on, when C9 is charging, the base and emitter of transistor Q1 are connected to the positive electrode of the battery power supply, Q1 is turned off, and the base of transistor Q2 is turned on to ground and Q2 is also cut off, so the circuit is cut off. , VCC 0V. (2) When the touch switch is pressed, C9 discharges and C10 charges. Since the capacitor voltage of C9 does not change immediately, the base voltage of Q2 immediately becomes the capacitor voltage of C9. In other words, Q2 quickly saturates and ignites, while C9 discharges through R18. Set the collector voltage of Q2 to a saturation voltage of 0.3V. At this time, the voltage of the capacitor C9 is also 0.3V, and the voltage of the capacitor C10 is also 0.7V. The battery power is distributed in series through R16 and R17, where Q1 is saturated and turned on, so the circuit is turned on. When turned on, VCC is approximately the battery supply voltage. (3) When the touch switch is pressed again, C9 is 0.3V and C10 is 0.7V, so C9 is charged and C10 is discharged, so the node of Q2 is reverse biased and the battery is on time. It charges C9 to R18 and is based on Q1. The pole voltage increases, Q1 turns off, the circuit turns off, and VCC becomes 0V.

  • See the future of electronic switches through the High-tech Fair
    See the future of electronic switches through the High-tech Fair
    • November 13, 2020

    Recently,theHigh-tech Fairin Shenzhen has attracted the attention of many people. More than ten majors, covering all fields. This year's Hi-Tech Fair, all kinds of technology products are still full of black technology, which is dazzling. New technologies and new equipment represented by artificial intelligence, 5G, and big data have become the "stars" of the China Hi-Tech Fair. These high-tech products with wisdom and innovative elements all hint that human life can be more beautiful in the future. Many of these products are inseparable from the shadow of electronic switches. Especially in this aspect of smart life. Our company has a case where the touch switch KAN6247 has been successfully applied to Bluetooth headsets. The Bluetooth headset mobile audio that appeared at this high-tech fair will also be the direction to overcome in the future; in addition to the first time, you can also look forward to the vehicle-road collaborative communication Terminals, the shadow of electronic switches that will appear on portable mobile computing platforms. Not only that, the appearance of industrial robots and food delivery robots at the Canton Fair, etc., all have the appearance of electronic switches, which shows the great prospects of tact switches and micro switches. Our company is already a mature manufacturer and trader. , Has its own independent R&D center and factory, and laboratory personnel are always working hard in the process of design, R&D and improvement. Please look forward to the new transformation of the company.

  • Explore the original intention-Switch
    Explore the original intention-Switch
    • September 29, 2020

    On the afternoon of August 21, 2020, the management of Gangyuan Company set off from Wenzhou, Hubei and Shenzhen respectively, embarking on the journey of "Red Journey",reaching the red capital "Cradle of the Republic, the departure point of the Central Red Army's Long March" ——Jiangxi Ruijin, received education in the spirit of the Red Revolution. At 9:00 am on August 22, the management of Gangyuan Company learned the training and sharing of product and project management by Wang Guodong, the person in charge of Gangyuan Switch Intelligence Company. The general manager of the company, Mr. Sheng Liming, delivered a speech at the meeting and made important arrangements from the company's strategic level. And the goal and ten-year plan for the future tactile push button switch are clarified. On the afternoon of August 22, the team visited Ruijin’s Yeping Revolutionary site group, visited the "Ruijing" warship, the "One Soviet University" exhibition hall, the "One Soviet University" venue, the State Post Office, the National Bank, the Red China News Agency, The Central Bureau of the Soviet Area of the Communist Party of China, the former residence of Chairman Mao, and the Red Army Plaza. In the early morning of August 24, we packed our bags and returned to our respective jobs. This red education tour in Ruijin allowed us to deeply learn the spirit of the Soviet area,which is: "firm conviction, seeking truth and being pragmatic, wholeheartedly for the people, honest and clean, hard work, striving for first-class, selfless dedication". In the future, we will play an active role in our study and work. Do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind. All employees of our Gangyuan Electronics Company must be firm in their beliefs, truth-seeking and pragmatic, and work hard to become a first-class brand in the Tact switch industry.

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