• How to detect the waterproof rating of the waterproof tact switch
    • Apr. 09 , 2019

    Tthe waterproof tact switch is an electronic tact switch with waterproof function. The waterproof tact switch is widely used. The tact switch can be really waterproof, and needs to reach the IP67 leve...

  • Talking about the detection method of relay
    • Mar. 28 , 2019

    A relay is a device that uses the effects of current to close or open a circuit for active maintenance and active control. In most cases, the relay is an electromagnet whose armature can close or brea...

  • What are the classification of button switches?
    • Mar. 25 , 2019

    Button switches are classified according to purpose and structure of contacts. 1,normally close button. 2,normally open button. 3,compound button. Button switches can be classified according to operat...

  • Tact switch materials choose strictly the quality
    • Mar. 04 , 2019

    Tact switch is one of many industries involve based assembly parts. Tact switch can rise to control the normal operation of the entire product and stop the department directly. So its quality is good ...

  • Gangyuan strong-arm reaction of teamwork spirit
    • Mar. 01 , 2019

              Team culture is the soul of a team. A no culture of the team, like a person without soul, the walking dead. Team culture is a kind of spirit, a kind of assimilation,...

  • What is Slide Switch?
    • Mar. 04 , 2019

    What is Slide Switch? A slide switch has an oblong, rectangular layout consisting of a slide control, a bracket or mount, the switch mechanism and solder or screw terminals for electrical connections....

  • What is micro switch?
    • Mar. 21 , 2019

    What is micro switch? A micro switch is a small sensor. Not like the ones think of in the movies where you walk past a laser and alarms go off. Think about the dish washing machines, when you started ...

  • Tactile Switch Soldering
    • Jul. 02 , 2018

    Tactile Switch Soldering Before soldering tactile switch on PCB, please be make sure  that soldering can be performed properly. Otherwise the Switch may be deformed by the soldering heat on ...

  • A Slide Switch for All Applications
    • Mar. 21 , 2019

    A Slide Switch for All Applications Gangyuan Electronics has focused on switch more than 27 years. We have slide switches compatible for printed circuit board, surface mount and panel mout application...

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